Understanding the needs of technical intern training

We discuss the details of requirement and condition with the partner in Japan country to obtain a complete understanding the needs of technical intern training.

Recruitment and Selection

Our Team will be look for required candidate to feed the partner in Japan country need.

Employment Contract for Technical intern trainee

We will bring the real Employment Contract between the implementation organization and technical intern trainee candidates to secure the application.

Pre-dispatch education

We providing the training subject need for the technical intern trainee to match the Quality and Condition for Entry the Japan Country.

Medical check up, Passport, Visa and Criminal Certificate

We will helping the Technical intern trainee to processing all document require for this application and punctually​ for dispatch to japan.

Dispatch to Japan

Our team will following up with the technical intern trainee for date to flight to japan country on date in the employment contract with the implementation organization.

Care while staying in Japan

Our Team will be cooperation with Supervising organizations in japan to caring and controlling the Technical intern trainee on living Environment

And work place. Also we are build relationship directly with technical intern trainee via Social network.


By doing manpower business, we do commit to deal with sustainability and social responsibility . all the involving parties, Receiving country labor law is subjected to respect and follow.